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Each year HQ CAP submits recommendations to the U.S. Air Force Academy for one cadet to attend the Academy’s Preparatory School. The Prep School's one-year program (valued at over $32,500) greatly increases a student's potential for admission to the Academy.  It is a fantastic opportunity for cadets who might not otherwise qualify for appointment to the Academy

In recent years, USAFA officials have exceeded their annual commitment of admitting one CAP cadet to the Prep School.  For each of the past few years, USAFA has selected from among the HQ CAP recommendations a couple cadets to attend the Academy; a couple cadets to attend the Prep School; and awarded a couple cadets Falcon Foundation Scholarships, which have helped them eventually earn appointments to the Academy.   

Read the "Common Myths About the Academy" created by an Air Force Academy Graduate and former CAP cadet.


Step 1: USAFA Application
Applicants must first apply directly to the USAFA using the USAFA Application for Admission, available at  
Please see the "USAF Academy Applications Instructions" flyer for further details about the application process.
Cadets must request the application by 31 December of their senior year. USAFA must receive the completed application by 31 January.
All cadets aspiring to attend the Academy are strongly urged to apply for CAP's USAFA Prep School recommendation.  Look at step C in the attachment, application instructions, above for directions.

Step 2: Civil Air Patrol Application
Apply in accordance with the directions on the application procedures page.

1.  Be a current CAP cadet and have earned the Mitchell Award;
2.  Be at least 17, but not yet 22, on 1 July of the admitting year;
3.  Be a US citizen, or assured of citizenship before graduation;
4.  Be unmarried and have no legal dependents;
5.  Be of high moral character;
6.  Be medically qualified for an appointment to USAFA.
7.  Not have previously attended a service academy.

Applications receiving CAP recommendations will be forwarded to USAFA.  Academy officials make the final selection(s) and announce them in the Spring, usually in April.

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